Complement your will with a farewell speech

Leaving a written farewell speech that will be read or viewed at your funeral or just in the privacy for your very close family members is something that you have thought of but never did because haven´t found the time nor the right place to keep your last words.

Apprehension to think about own death have to be overcomed. We have to realise that as much as we have done prior to our death will make us feel safer and in peace during our lifetime. Death arrival is going to be for sure but no one knows when.

Usually in many countries farewell speeches are written by family members and read in the funeral to remember happy moments and some anecdotes of the deceased life. Now, with our service Farewell Speech, family and friends will be the ones who will hear your words and will be a real gift for them. Remember that the one who says goodbye is the one who leaves.

Besides, it is possible to send not just text but videos, presentations or photos that might have an special meaning for you and that you would like to share with the people you love.

How do your loved ones get to know the existence of your farewell speech?

Quite simple. Just after completed your free register at, you will have to name your executor or trusted person who will communicate your decease and start the process. In that very moment the specch will be delivered to the people you chose. That people could be your executor or any other you decided when bought the service.

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