Estate Planning For A Loved One With Special Needs

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For many families, taking care of a loved one with special needs is a daily challenge. Whether it is a child, sibling or other family member, the compassion and caring instincts can be overwhelming. But when it comes to the specific estate planning needs and desires of these situations, it can be very important to look at all the contingencies.

While you want to make sure that your loved ones needs will be met or surpassed, you also need to make decisions that will benefit your overall estate plans at the same time. If your planning also involves family members without special needs, specific considerations should be in place that will maximize the overall benefit to your family, while not sacrificing your special needs plans.

Seven Factors To Consider: Sigue leyendo

Estate Planning Considerations for Young People

Estate planning is not just for older or wealthy people, younger people need an estate plan if they have minor children or to be prepared in case of a serious injury or accidental death.

Younger people who participate in risky sports or activities like skiing, cliff diving, car racing, or even boxing should consider the possibility that they could become seriously injured and require long-term medical care. Even worse, your untimely death could result from these activities.risky Sigue leyendo

Caring about your heirs


We never this the end is close. We always believe that there is still a lot of time to come until the end. Our end, at least in this life. So this is the reason why we do not prepare our trip.

We should be ready, not for us but for our heirs, and leave everything organise. We have to take into account that although we are young, mid 40’s, we have invest a lot of effort in building up a patrimony and will continue to do so, and should leave this ready just in case.

An illness, a tragic accident may cut our live and this might happen to anyone. I know we do not want to think about it but our wife and children will appreciate if we do now. They probably don’t know what we have, where we have or how he have what we own and when we passed away wont be able to ask.

Think about it.