Keeping Funeral Costs Affordable

Funeral CostsAnyone who’s put a loved one to rest knows that death is not cheap. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the average adult funeral cost $6,560 in 2009 (their most current data). That doesn’t even include such common add-ons as a cemetery plot, headstone, flowers, obituaries and limousine, which can add thousands to the bill.

Because death is a frequently avoided topic, many people aren’t armed in advance with information about the many variables — and costs — involved in planning a funeral. Thus, just when survivors are grieving and most vulnerable, they’re bombarded by decisions that must be made quickly, often without even knowing what their loved one would have wanted.

The key message for the living is to decide on your preferred funeral arrangements Sigue leyendo

Your onlife life can be used against you!!

Your Online Life

Your Online Life

Most of us post many things on social networks (photos, friends, fans,…) we all have electronic banking (balances, transactions, receipts,…) on internet. Others have their own blog (opinions, ideologies, phobias and filias, …) but we, one way or the other, have our online life. What are you going to do? Sigue leyendo

Estate Planning Considerations for Young People

Estate planning is not just for older or wealthy people, younger people need an estate plan if they have minor children or to be prepared in case of a serious injury or accidental death.

Younger people who participate in risky sports or activities like skiing, cliff diving, car racing, or even boxing should consider the possibility that they could become seriously injured and require long-term medical care. Even worse, your untimely death could result from these activities.risky Sigue leyendo

Just in case…


This is a fundamental question: What should I do when I die. Everybody desire to know the future so they can prepare the rest of their lives. We now this is not possible so better decide it now. As mention in previous posts this might happen today so we need to start living as if today was the last day of our lives in all aspects.

One of these is our patrimony but it is not the only one. I am sure that most of us have a lot of things that are left for later. We would like to tell somebody something important, to inform of your death to some friends that you lose contact time ago, to apologise to your wife, children, relatives or ex-friends for something you did or didn’t in the past.

So many things that you better start organising it today…just in case