Your onlife life can be used against you!!

Your Online Life

Your Online Life

Most of us post many things on social networks (photos, friends, fans,…) we all have electronic banking (balances, transactions, receipts,…) on internet. Others have their own blog (opinions, ideologies, phobias and filias, …) but we, one way or the other, have our online life. What are you going to do? Sigue leyendo

Minientrada has been created to solve all these problems out. In a few weeks the beta version will be released so everybody can include its patrimony including properties, real state, jewels, cars, motorcycles, aircrafts, bonds, stocks, structured products, land, cash, debts, hidden accounts, familiar debts, and anything you would like to include for your heirs to know.

All this within a fully protected site where security and confidentiality is a must.

But not just this, you will be able in including messages to be released when you die, insurance policies, copy of deeds for a better organisation, and anything you really want to get.

Let us know what you want and if possible we will do. Sends us your comments at and we’ll come back to you.

Pop in a few weeks from now or send us an email and we’ll let you know when its available.

Sort your ragbag


After many years you start accumulating papers of all kinds. Probably at the beginning you start some kind of folder file but after some months papers get mixed and unsorted due to the lack of time.

Sometimes when changing from city, country or house we take the time to trash and sort all this papers but if we are not «forced» probably we never do. When we do we find things that we didn’t remember of and after putting our memory at work we remember what that was about.

Imaging what happens if is another person who is trying to dig into those papers. A complete mess.

So we better start selecting, scrapping and locate those important papers (deeds, mortgages, heritages, loans, bank accounts, property and so on and so forth) into a place where just the people you decide have access and have complete information of what is all about.

Better safe than sorry.