Keeping Funeral Costs Affordable

Funeral CostsAnyone who’s put a loved one to rest knows that death is not cheap. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the average adult funeral cost $6,560 in 2009 (their most current data). That doesn’t even include such common add-ons as a cemetery plot, headstone, flowers, obituaries and limousine, which can add thousands to the bill.

Because death is a frequently avoided topic, many people aren’t armed in advance with information about the many variables — and costs — involved in planning a funeral. Thus, just when survivors are grieving and most vulnerable, they’re bombarded by decisions that must be made quickly, often without even knowing what their loved one would have wanted.

The key message for the living is to decide on your preferred funeral arrangements Sigue leyendo

Who Makes the Best Executor or Trustee?



Choosing the right person or people to handle the management of your assets after you die merits a lot of thought. While it’s pretty common to appoint a family member or friend, that’s not your only choice. A lot depends on your personal situation — both the complexity of your estate as well as family dynamics.

Appointing a family member can be seen as a symbol of love and faith. However, in the case of multiple siblings, it could be interpreted as an expression of trust in one child over another. So I can understand the dilemma. But while there’s an emotional component to this choice, you need to try to keep sentiment in check. To me, it’s really about who will do the best job. Sigue leyendo

Just in case…


This is a fundamental question: What should I do when I die. Everybody desire to know the future so they can prepare the rest of their lives. We now this is not possible so better decide it now. As mention in previous posts this might happen today so we need to start living as if today was the last day of our lives in all aspects.

One of these is our patrimony but it is not the only one. I am sure that most of us have a lot of things that are left for later. We would like to tell somebody something important, to inform of your death to some friends that you lose contact time ago, to apologise to your wife, children, relatives or ex-friends for something you did or didn’t in the past.

So many things that you better start organising it today…just in case

When I die


When somebody really close to you is nearly in the edge of passing by you begin to think although never dare to say it loud, what does he owns, has he already set up his heritage, has all his patrimony being organise, where does he have all the papers, deeds, etc are located?

Obviously the answer to these questions are not probably answered because you do not dare to ask and the owner (father, uncle, husband, wife, etc) has never thought of this moment and then postponed this decision for tomorrow.

It will be a good idea asking ourselves if we have all this organised for our heirs and then try to ask this questions to the person we are willing to inherit soon enough before the questions sound innapropiate.