Keeping Funeral Costs Affordable

Funeral CostsAnyone who’s put a loved one to rest knows that death is not cheap. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the average adult funeral cost $6,560 in 2009 (their most current data). That doesn’t even include such common add-ons as a cemetery plot, headstone, flowers, obituaries and limousine, which can add thousands to the bill.

Because death is a frequently avoided topic, many people aren’t armed in advance with information about the many variables — and costs — involved in planning a funeral. Thus, just when survivors are grieving and most vulnerable, they’re bombarded by decisions that must be made quickly, often without even knowing what their loved one would have wanted.

The key message for the living is to decide on your preferred funeral arrangements Sigue leyendo

Estate Planning Considerations for Young People

Estate planning is not just for older or wealthy people, younger people need an estate plan if they have minor children or to be prepared in case of a serious injury or accidental death.

Younger people who participate in risky sports or activities like skiing, cliff diving, car racing, or even boxing should consider the possibility that they could become seriously injured and require long-term medical care. Even worse, your untimely death could result from these activities.risky Sigue leyendo

10 main reasons to make your will and testament



Today from Mypatrimony wish you all a happy weekend, but before you come back home with your family and friends and enjoy with them, we leave you this list that according to us the 10 main reasons why making your last will is so important but not just that but update it and make it easier for your loved ones using our free tool to register and plan your estate by clicking here:


1) Your children

2) Your spouse

3) Your family as a whole

4) To protect the outcome obtained with the efforts and work of your life

5) To avoid complications and unnecessary expenses for your heirs once you passed away

6) So you are sure your real last wills are known by those you want

7) To avoid the State gets the whole or more than necessary if you have no heirs or cannot locate them because unknown or abroad

8 ) To assure your estate is transferred to the people or organisms you wanted

9) To avoid that certain assets do not get to the people you would have wanted because you did not said that in advance

10)  In summary, to be just you who decides about your estate not others