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How to sign up?

Sign up en is easy; to start you only have to:

  1. Register by introducing an e-mail and a password; later you’ll receive an email to confirm and activate your account.
  2. Name your executor. The executor is the person who will inform on your death. The person who has been named as executor will receive an e-mail explaining that he/she has been chosen by you to hold the executor's function. He will NOT have access to the information you enter in up to your death.
  3. Wait until we receive an email from the executor, confirming he accepts to be your executor.

From now you could enter all your estate in detail, using left icons to guide you grouping by categories.

We advise you to enter even the objects without material but with emotional value that you do not want to be lost by assigning to your loved ones.

Any object can have a document, photo or any other information you would like to attach so it can be properly identified and located as well as naming it heir/heiress.

You will be able to access, modify and update any data as many times as you wish.

Once signed up you could also Access to many other services:

  1. Estate Planning: Legacy.
  2. In life Management: My Gap, My SafeBox.
  3. After life Management: Email PostMortem, My Last Post, Fareweel Speech, Spiritual Testament.

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