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What is

MyPatrimony is secure online platform to provide estate planning, in life and after life services for you and your heirs. You will be able of safely register your estate, write your will, living will and farewell messages, secure transfer of your digital legacy and many more services. The people you decide will receive them just after your death.

Thanks to our tool you will be able of distributing not just your material estate but also your sentimental one. In fact, with MyPatrimony you will be able of sending farewell emails, keep passwords, write your last post in social networks, store your last will and testament and living will and your spiritual will and also have your own safe box to keep all the necessary documents that your heirs will need and all those you wanted to have access from any device while in life.

There are three big groups of services:

  1. Estate Planning: Legacy.
  2. In life Management: My Gap, My SafeBox.
  3. After life Management: Email PostMortem, My Last Post, Fareweel Speech, Spiritual Testament.

Besides these, MyPatrimony offers all registered users the use of the Estate Registration Tool. You can keep record of any asset you decide: real state properties, cars, jewellery, bank accounts as well as who would you like to legate it to and how to locate it if it is difficult to obtain (foreign or hidden assets).

Heirs/heiresses will have Access to the information through the executors you name when sign up or by appoint them as the beneficiaries in every single service.

The executors, plays an essential role and should be someone of maximum trust. Perhaps someone close as a friend, family who will inform us of your decease when it comes. Executors know what needs to be done because MyPatrimony reminds them periodically of their duty and how to proceed.

Executors will inform by entering in their profile and by checking the Decease state box. This will also release all services you hired with us and all documentation, messages, etc will be addressed to the people you decided.

Ultimately, MyPatrimony is a platform that works also thanks to the TRUST you deposit in the persons named as your executors will be starting the inheritance process. This is way if they deceive you breaking your trust you must know you can change them at any time and appoint a different one.

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