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Our Services

Why do you need our services?

Please find out which are the main reasons that made of MyPatrimony an essential tool which will give you peace of mind just after start using it:

  1. Unpredictability. No one knows when we are going to die. Even when something is already announced just for been elderly or is suffering a terminal disease, death always takes us by surprise. This is why our services will help you to express your wishes just in case. All tied up knowing you can always change it tomorrow.
  2. Your loved ones. Your children, spouse, family and friends are the most valuable people for you and the only way to protect them when you were not here is leaving all arranged. Let them know what you wanted, with regard to your material estate but also leaving them messages with the potential to meet your distance, being able of Reading several times so they can feel closer to you.
  3. Security. We have taken security seriously at MyPatrimony. We know this could be your major concern because all this information is very important and confidential for you. For this reason we have installed the most advanced security certificates as well as located information in different servers so personal ID data and estate data are stored in different server to avoid matching. Servers have 24/7 guarantee of security. Your peace is first for us.
  4. Evolution and change. Every human being, along his/her life, has many changes, at personal as well as emotional or economical level. Precisely we have worked on offering easy to use and dynamic services you can modify up will. We understand your estate as well as your friends and wishes change along the way so we advise you to review it from time to time probably one or twice a year, so the information stored is always up to date containing the last changes might happen in your life.
  5. Accessibility. You will be able of accessing the info you enter from any device anywhere in the world. Think of accessing the info stored in MySafeBox from any place you are at using your Smartphone. Convenient isn’t it?

MyPatrimony provides you with services using the most sophisticated technology so you can feel free but at the same time safe and conscious that what is important for you is one click away.

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